About GeoGrads

GeoGrads is the graduate student association of the department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University, which is located on the unceded traditional land of the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation of Tiohtiàke/Montreal. We acknowledge the privileges and tensions related to occupying this space and dedicate ourselves towards supporting Indigenous sovereignty and care for geographic areas across Turtle Island.

This blog hosts information about the organization.

Find us via:

Email: gpe.grads@gmail.com.
Facebook: (Geograds)
Twitter: (@GeoGrads)
Linkedin: (Geograds)
Discord: (CU GEOGRADS).

GeoGrads officers for 2021-2022

GEOGRAD council boeard

  • Coordinator: Omar Ortiz Meraz (PhD)
  • Secretary: Claudia Schiocchet (MEnv)
  • Treasurer: Vikram Iyer (MEnv)
  • MSc/PhD Internal Rep: Stéphanie Eccles (PhD)
  • MEnv Internal Rep: Briana Vanular (MEnv)
  • MEnv Internal Rep: Emily Hoppe (MEnv)
  • MEnv  Social Rep: Rebecca Anne Clarke (MEnv)
  • MEnv  Social Rep: Simon Lizotte (MEnv)
  • MSc Rep/Social Rep : Hakeem Bishi (PhD)
  • MSc Rep/Social Rep : Sunjay Mathuria (PhD)
  • Com-Design Rep: Alexandre Pace (PhD)
  • Com-Design Rep:  Léa Antibi (MEnv)


GeoGrads officers for 2020-2021

  • Coordinator: Jonathan Cole (PhD)
  • Secretary: Stefan Hodges (MSc)
  • Treasurer: Clara Freeman-Cole (MSc)
  • PhD Rep: Omar Ortiz Meraz (PhD)
  • MSc Rep/Social Events Organizer: Kayden Schwartz (MSc)
  • MEnv Rep: Mathilde Butler (MEnv)
  • MEnv Rep: Nick Pfeiffer (MEnv)
  • Social Events Organizer: Nataliya Kiyan (MSc)
  • Web/Social Media Developer: Parnian Pourtaherian (MSc)
  • Web/Social Media Developer: Jamila Ewais (PhD)

GeoGrads officers for 2019-2020

  • Coordinator: Kendra Warnock-Juteau (MEnv)
  • Secretary: Samantha Mailhot (MSc)
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Cole (PhD)
  • Social Rep (MEnv/DEA): Theresa Comeau (DEA)
  • Social Rep (MSc/PhD): Clara Freeman-Cole (MSc)
  • Social Rep (MSc/PhD): Ashley Arbis (MSc)
  • Social Rep (MSc/PhD): Sahar Alinezhad (PhD)
  • Internal Rep (MEnv/DEA): Julia Gregory (MEnv)
  • Internal Rep (MSc/PhD): Noel Dass (MSc)
  • Internal Rep (MSc/PhD): Omar Ortiz Meraz (PhD)

GeoGrads officers for 2018-2019

  • Coordinator: Theresa Comeau (DEA)
  • Secretary: Benjamin Brunen (MSc)
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Cole (PhD)
  • Social Rep (MEnv/DEA): Jade Heilmann (MEnv)
  • Social Rep (MSc/PhD): Claire O’Neil Sanger (MSc)
  • Internal Rep (MEnv/DEA): Charmaine Bosse (MEnv)
  • Internal Rep (MSc/PhD): Alex Pace (MSc)

GeoGrads officers for 2017-2018

  • President: Alex Maclssac (MSc)
  • Treasurer: Étienne Guertin (MSc)
  • VP Communications/Secretary: Mira Baba (MSc)
  • VP Social (MEnv/DEA): Marion Macé (MEnv)
  • VP Social (MSc/PhD): Stephanie Eccles (MSc)
  • VP Internal (MEnv/DEA): Antonia Macris (MEnv)
  • VP Internal (MSc/PhD): Jeremy Tessier (MSc)

GeoGrads officers for 2016-2017

  • President: Kiley Goyette (MSc)
  • Treasurer: Étienne Guertin (MSc)
  • VP Communications/Secretary: Jasmine Eftekhari (MSc)
  • VP Social (MEnv/DEA): Tanya Hage-Moussa (MEnv)
  • VP Social (MSc/PhD): Emory Shaw (MSc)
  • VP Internal (MEnv/DEA): Marion Macé (MEnv)
  • VP Internal (MSc/PhD): unfilled

GeoGrads officers for 2015-2016

  • President:  Estraven Girardo (MSc)
  • VP Finance/Treasurer: Fateme Honarmand (MSc)
  • VP Communications/Secretary: Kiley Goyette (MSc)
  • VP Social (MEnv/DEA): Tiera Zukerman (MEnv)
  • VP Social (MSc/PhD): Judith Plante (MSc)
  • VP Internal (MEnv/DEA): Marion Mace (MEnv)
  • VP Internal (MSc/PhD): Noah Cannon (MSc)