Geograds Election results and Geograds in other elections

Geograds Election Results

  • VP Social and Events (MEnv/DEA): Marion Macé (MEnv)
  • Treasurer: Étienne Guertin (MSc.)

Congratulations Étienne and Marion!

Unfilled positions will go to by-election in September:

  • President
  • VP Communications / Secretary
  • VP Internal (MSc./PhD.)
  • VP Internal (MEnv./DEA)
  • VP Social and Events (MSc./PhD.)

We encourage new members to consider running for one of these positions. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the GPE community!

Geograds Elected in other associations

Some of our members were elected to represent graduate students in other associations.

  • Maida Hadziosmanovic
    as GSA Arts & Science Director
  • Jeremy Tessier 
    as TRAC Representation and grievance officer

Congratulations Jeremy and Maida!


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