General Assembly and Nomination Period

The next GEOGRADS General Assembly:

  • Weds March 16, 2016
  • 4:00pm-5:30pm in H-1271 (geology lab)
  • Light lunch will be provided

In accordance with our bylaws, we announce the nomination period for Executive Office positions of GEOGRADS for 2016-2017.  That’s right, we have some seats to fill!  Nominations for executive committee will be presented at the General Assembly.

The agenda for the General Assembly will be announced on or before March 14th. Feel free to submit items to the agenda, such as endorsements, to until March 13th.


Many seats will be opening on the executive next year!


To nominate yourself for a position (see below for list of positions):
1. Print and complete the nomination form (download here)
2. Collect at least three signatures from registered graduate students of the GPE department (MSc, MEnv,DEA, PhD).
3. Present completed nomination form to the General Assembly on March 23, 2016.

Nomination period (7 days): March 9, 2016 – March 16, 2016.
Uncontested positions will be acclaimed at the General Assembly on Weds, March 16, 2016.
Contested positions will enter into a campaign period (3-business-days) followed by a ballot vote on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

Elected officers begin their positions on June 1st 2016.

Eligibility for elections:

  • Candidates must be registered in the MSc, MEnv, DEA or PhD program in the Department of Geography Planning and Environment, and be a student in Good Standing with the Office of the Dean.
  • Candidates must not be graduating within the term of the position (i.e. June 1 2016 – May 31, 2017)


  1. President
  2. VP Communications / Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. VP Social and Events (MSc)
  5. VP Social and Events (MEnv/DEA)
  6. VP Internal (MSc)
  7. VP Internal (MEnv/DEA)

Duties as described in the GEOGRADS By Laws:

The President shall be responsible for::
  • Act as President of the Board of Directors.
  • Act as Chairperson at all regular Council meetings, and at GEOGRADS General Assemblies.
  • Arrange for the annual General Assembly to be held the subsequent academic year, irrespective of their presence therein.
  • Oversee the day-to-day management of the GEOGRADS, and ensure all other Council members are performing their duties as defined below.
  • Direct the implementation of Council resolutions.
  • Act as the liaison between the GEOGRADS and the GSA, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and all external organizations.
  • Be the official spokesperson of the GEOGRADS.
  • Publish an Annual GEOGRADS report summarizing the GEOGRADS achievements and activities during the term.
  • Have authority to create committees and delegate unto them the powers and task that he/she chooses.
  • Carry out any other duty the council deems associated with the role of the President.
The Vice-President Communications / Secretary shall be responsible for:
  • i. Act as Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the GEOGRADS corporation.
  • ii. Assume responsibilities of President in the absence of the President.
  • iii. Recording and distributing minutes at all regular Council meetings, and General Assemblies.
  • iv. Be the GEOGRADS archivist and ensure the continuity of the Association’s institutional memory.
  • v. Publishing a newsletter at least twice in each of fall and winter semesters.
  • vi. Developing online media and working with the media to advance causes that council deems important
  • vii. Carrying out any other duty the council deems associated to the communication function.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for:
  • Act as Treasurer of the GEOGRADS corporation.
  • Chairing the Budget Committee meetings.
  • The custody of all records, ledgers, receipts, or documents belonging to, or dealing with the financial affairs of the GEOGRADS.
  • The GEOGRADS accounting process and of all receipts and disbursements.
  • The administration of funds according to the GEOGRADS and for the preparation of all financial statements.
  • Carrying out any other task the Council deems associated with the Association’s finances.
The two Vice-President Social and Events shall be responsible for:
  • Managing the Graduate Lounge.
  • Organizing guest lectures and other extra-curricular events.
  • Organizing social functions.
  • Carrying out any other duty the Council deems pertinent to the V.P. Social and Events portfolio.
The two Vice-President Internal shall be responsible for:
  • Serving as the GEOGRADS liaison with the faculty, staff, and undergraduate student associations within the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.
  • Coordinating Geography, Planning and Environment graduate student representation on the University’s academic and administrative organs, along with the President.
  • Carrying out any other duty the Council deems pertinent to the V.P. Internal Portfolio

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