This message is sent to you on behalf of Comité GÉOSTÉRITÉ, geography students’ mobilization and information committee at UQAM.


A fresh start for GÉOSTÉRITÉ

A year after its foundation, Comité GÉOSTÉRITÉ, geography students’  information and mobilization committee at UQAM, is looking for a new start by adopting a larger perspective. We are well aware that we haven’t covered all the issues surrounding austerity in a geographical review following two collection of articles, but we are looking beyond with a desire to work on lot more subjects in a critical perspective. Even if we are going to continue our mobilization activities under our original brand GÉOSTÉRITÉ, we invite you to be part of our new journal, Projections.


Projections is coming back to life – it used to be the name of undergraduate geography students’ newspaper at UQAM – in a new format and with different goals. We invite you all to participate with us in publishing geographical texts by presenting a critical analysis on nowaday’s issues. A little bit like GÉOSTÉRITÉ’s lasts collections used to look, Projections is going to take form as a collection of articles coming from all geography students in the province, simultaneously in french and english. We wish our collection to become an essential mobilization and information material for all students.

Our second aim with this project is to make the geographical science known out of our universities. So, we plan to spread Projections in Quebec’s CEGEPs and other geography departments. We also plan to put our collective work on a website so we can spread the collection to a larger public. You could see your contribution to this project as a step forward to the end of the traditional: ‘’Where are you gonna work with this degree? As a teacher?”

Appel de collaborateurs et collaboratrices pour Projections

For our first Projections collection, we have decided to stay close to our roots by choosing a topic related to the public services affected by austerity: education. This vast topic can be studied under a lot of geographical point of views that are not stuck on cuts and that is why we invite you to be creative in your articles.

We invite you to send us your idea of article by answering this email. Please send us the subject of your text and its approach before October 15. On that day, you are invited to join Comité GÉOSTÉRITÉ in a meeting where we are going to make the model of the first Projections collection. The length of the articles have to be between 1000 and 2000 words. The articles have to connect with the main topic and have to be finished on November 9, even if all articles will be considered regardless its length or referred to a future collection. We are taking a couple of days to review all the texts before sending them back to the writers, and we plan to publish it by November 15. If you are interested on taking part of the review or the formatting, let us know your intentions.

Geographers, sharpen your pencils!

Le conseil exécutif de l’Association générale des étudiantes et étudiants
de premier cycle en géographie de l’UQAM (AGEEPCG)

514-987-3000 ext. 1767
Local A-2425
Pavillon Hubert-Aquin
Université du Québec à Montréal
400, Rue Sainte-Catherine Est,
Montréal, QC   H2L 2C4


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