Geograds Fall GA 2015

Dearest Geograds,

Our first General Assembly of the school year is Monday, September 21, 2015, at 4pm (H-1267). There’s lots to discuss, including by-law amendments, budget allocation for the year, the types of events we want to hold, and appointing a Chief Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officers for the by-elections. Come help us ‘steer the ship’. Given that there is a HENV class at 6pm, we will aim to keep the meeting concise.
The agenda is as follows:

  1. Call to order
  2.  Appointment of Chair & Secretary
  3. Approval of previous GA minutes
  4. Brief reports from the Exec (president and MSc. VP Internal)
  5. New business:
    1. By-election (brief discussion of available positions)
    2. Appointment of CRO, DRO(s)
    3. Announcements (Divest Concordia, Solidarity Concordia)
    4. By-law changes
    5. Allocation of budget and upcoming events
    6. Accreditation
    7. Political motions *
  6. Other Business
    1. Raffle Tickets to a Bike Shop!
    2. Your suggestions?
  7.     Adjournment

There will be delicious foods, such as samosas, doughnuts (these doughnuts are gluten free!) and fruit platter.

Bring your by-election nomination forms to the GA (see this post).

*Proposed Motions

Motion 1)

Whereas GEOGRADS recognizes the importance of student involvement in social and environmental justice work both on campus and beyond; and
Whereas the GEOGRADS value and seek to amplify the work done by les Étudiant-e-s Contre les Oléoducs (ECO) to inform the student population and the public about threats that these pipelines pose to all life and the mobilize them to action.
Be it resolved that the GEOGRADS renew their endorsement of ECO – (Students against the Pipelines).

Motion 2)

Whereas  GEOGRADS recognizes the importance of justice for migrants and values the work of Solidarity Across Borders in actively supporting communities fighting deportation; and
Whereas GEOGRADS echoes the call from Solidarity Across Borders to denounce the fact that Haitian and Zimbabwean migrants living in Canada have been left in limbo for years and are now threatened with deportation;
Be it resolved that GEOGRADS endorse the work of Solidarity Across Borders to fight for status for all migrants living in Canada by demanding the establishment of an inclusive and ongoing program for all migrants to gain full and permanent residency status, as well as access to full rights and services.

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