Geograds By-Elections

Hi Geo-friends,

Remember that the deadline to submit nomination forms for the by-election is Monday, September 21st, 2015!

The available positions are:

  • VP Communications/Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VP Social (MSc)
  • VP Social (MEnv)
  • VP Internal (MEnv)

Descriptions of the positions are available in our by-laws (Article V), available here.

To nominate yourself, print and complete the nomination form (download pdf) and include supporting signatures from 3 GEOGRADS members (all MEnv/DEA and MSc students are GEOGRADS members). Then, bring the form to the GA on Monday September 21st.

If you’re interested in running but can’t make the GA, turn in your nomination form to one of the GEOGRADS executives beforehand (send us an email at and we can arrange to meet up and get the form from you).

In the event that there is only one nomination for each position then the candidate will be acclaimed at the GA.

If there are multiple nominations for a position then the following schedule ensues:

The campaign period will run for 3 working days: September 22nd , 23rd, 24th

Voting day will be Friday September 25th. A ballot box will be located in the “Oasis” (H-1236), from 10am to 12pm and then from 12:30pm to 4pm.

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