Geograds Newsletter

1.Sorry that it’s a bit short notice, but the GSA’s General Assembly is this afternoon from 15h – 17h in H-763. Check out their callout below:  

YOU CAN DECIDE what graduate students will do this year… at the FIRST GSA GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the 2012-13 Academic Year!

Did you know that the General Assembly is the highest decision-making authority of our Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)? The General Assembly is the most democratic activity possible as you -yes YOU- and your fellow members can debate and decide the direction that your GSA will take in the coming year! You pay membership fees to the GSA, so YOU have a right to decide what the GSA does. At this General Assembly you can meet your GSA team of elected representatives and suggest ANY propositions you may have (including changing the proposed agenda below). And, now that the Parti Québécois is in power and have cancelled the Liberal Party’s tuition increase, if you vote to end the GSA strike you can also vote on: how do you want your student association to keep defending your rights and your well-being?

The future of the GSA is in your hands. But only if you show up!

The General Assembly will take place Thursday September 27 from 3-5pm in room H-763 on the 7th floor of the Hall Building.

Democracy makes for hungry people so after we are done debating and voting everybody who attends will be able to chat informally over a Free Dinner.

Proposed Agenda for September 27 General Assembly

1) Appointment of chair, secretary, mood-watcher
2) Presentation of your team of elected GSA representatives
3) Vote to end the strike
4) Presentation/discussion of GSA 2012-2013 priorities
5) Finances
6) Other
7) Adjournment and free dinner

Useful Information for the General Assembly:

Find out how YOU can effectively participate in the GSA’s highest decision-making body (its general assembly) here.

Find out more about why GSA is on strike here.

Read minutes from our previous General Assembly here.

2. MENV STUDENTS: this information is for you!
The positions of Vice-President Internal and VP Social and Events to represent the MENV students have yet to be filled and we’d love it if someone got on board. A few individuals have come forward, but the formal process has yet to begin. If those who have expressed interest remain uncontested they will be appointed by the Geography executive, otherwise we will run an election.

In order for any individual to become part of the executive they must be nominated. So if you are interested in being the MENV VP Internal or VP Social & Events you need three Geography, Planning & Environment Graduate students in the MENV or MSc program to support your nomination. 

Please find the nomination form in the attached PDF and complete it by OCTOBER 4th at 5pm. You can leave it in the Grad Oasis (H1236) where there will be an envelope on the bulletin board with the words Nomination Forms written on it. 

If you found all this to be terribly confusing, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO GET IN TOUCH! 

For your information: 
The VP Social and Events’ responsibilities include: 
i. Managing the Graduate Lounge.
ii. Organizing guest lectures and other extra-curricular events.
iii. Organizing social functions.
iv. Carrying out any other duty the Council deems pertinent to the V.P Social and Events portfolio.
The VP Internal’s responsibilities include:
i. Serving as the GEOGRADS liaison with the faculty, staff, and undergraduate student associations within the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.
ii. Co-ordinating Geography, Planning and Environment graduate student representation on the University’s academic and administrative organs, along with the President.
iii. Carrying out any other duty the Council deems pertinent to the V.P. Internal Portfolio 


3. Call out for Geography student participation

Operation Avenue du Parc is looking for students to commit to volunteering for the day-long charrette on October 20, AND also welcome any participants on the Exploratory Walk on October 13 and during a public session from 4-5:30pm on October 20 if they have less time to commit or are not bilingual.

This is a community-organised event that has support from the City.

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