Holy Corporate Perks!! Fire up the Bram-mobile!!!

The Journal has received confirmation of the award of a contract by mutual agreement between the university and a Lexus dealer in Montreal with a value of 37,155.22 for the rental car model RX 350. This benefit is in addition to the salary of vice-presidents, which varies between $ 150 000 and $ 275 000 per year.

Source: le journal de montreal, July 9, 2012

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Concordia’s Auto Allowance Policy

Concordia University – Allocation of $ 900 per month to six vice-presidents ($64,800 per year)

Auto Allowances Policy at Other Quebec Universities

McGill University – Allocation of $ 16 000 per year to rector Heather Munroe-Blum

University of Montreal – Allocation of $ 1,666 per year for the vice-presidents and the secretary general

University of Quebec at Montreal – The rector Claude Corbo has renounced the allocation of $ 600 per month

Laval University – No budget for car rentals

Universit̩ Sherbrooke РNo budget for car rentals

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