General Assembly to END GSA strike

General Assembly to END GSA strike

WHEN: Wednesday, June 6 at 4:30pm

WHERE: 2149 Mackay

With guest speaker, Lawyer Patrice Blais about Bill 78

Samosas & beverages will be provided

Please arrive early and bring your student ID: And don’t fret, if we have to wait to make quorum, short videos and surprise guest(s) will entertain us while we wait. Keep in mind that if you tell as many of your grad friends as possible to come, hopefully quorum will be met right away!


Appointments of chair, secretary, mood-watcher
Adoption of the Agenda
Presentation and Q&A about Bill 78 (by Lawyer Patrice Blais)
Motions about the strike (click here to see proposed motions)
CLASSE Motions (will be sent to all members after Sunday’s CLASSE Congress)
Evaluation of GSA General Assemblies
Other Business
Proposed motions about the strike

1. Motion to end the strike

Considering that most Concordia University graduate classes have taken place during the Summer semester;
Considering that most graduate students have either received IPs (In Progress marks) or have handed in their coursework for the Winter semester;
Considering that those students for whom the above scenarios do not apply have voted mandates independently of the GSA in their own departmental student associations;
Considering that departmental and faculty student associations are more appropriate bodies for general assemblies to make decisions of this nature, due to their smaller size and more direct contact with their members;

Be It Resolved that the GSA ceases to be on strike.

2. Motion in support of Ontario Students

Considering the student struggle in Quebec is taking place in an overall perspective of the rejection of the commodification and corporatization of education;
Considering the level of debt and high tuition fees in Canada;
Recognizing our responsibility of solidarity with the students in Canada and around the world;

Be It Resolved That the GSA endorse and sign the open letter initiated by student activists of Ontario to push the Canadian Federation of Students to start a mobilization campaign that would encourage a strike vote in the fall, as well as to sign and endorse the response letter from Quebec activists;

Be It Further Resolved That the GSA encourage members of the GSA to individually sign these letters;

Be It Further Resolved That the members of the GSA encourage the “Luttes Sociales” Committee of the CLASSE to spread the strike movement to North American universities.


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