Can I Get an Amen For Brother Norman!!!!

Norman Nawrocki, Montreal, wrote in the early hours of this morning: “How do I tell my friends, across English speaking Canada, in the USA, and in Europe, that what is going on in Montreal these days and nights is bigger than Jesus or Arcade Fire, bigger than the Occupy movement, bigger than anything any handful of anarchists could ever have imagined possible, bigger than what the mainstream media is reporting? It is so hard to describe. The air is electric. The streets vibrate. The mood is open, public defiance of unjust law, rage at corruption at the highest levels, joyous, heartfelt solidarity with students and among people. It is something that has never been witnessed here before. Old, young, politicized or not, in Montreal, and outside the metropolis, something is stirring people’s minds and hearts. Something big…”


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