Ten Points Everyone Should Know About the Quebec Student Movement


The student strikes in Quebec, which began in February and have lasted for three months, involving roughly 175,000 students in the mostly French-speaking Canadian province, have been subjected to a massive provincial and national media propaganda campaign to demonize and dismiss the students and their struggle. The following is a list of ten points that everyone should know about the student movement in Quebec to help place their struggle in its proper global context.

1) The issue is debt, not tuition

2) Striking students in Quebec are setting an example for youth across the continent

3) The student strike was organized through democratic means and with democratic aims

4) This is not an exclusively Quebecois phenomenon

5) Government officials and the media have been openly calling for violence and “fascist” tactics to be used against the students

6) Excessive state violence has been used against the students

7) The government supports organized crime and opposes organized students

8) Canada’s elites punish the people and oppose the students

9) The student strike is being subjected to a massive and highly successful propaganda campaign to discredit, dismiss, and demonize the students

10) The student movement is part of a much larger emerging global movement of resistance against austerity, neoliberalism, and corrupt power

Click Here to read the full story and learn more about these 10 points


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