Students & Labour United

WHAT: Rassemblement “Concordia Community United”
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15th, at noon
WHERE: Atrium of Library (LB building)
WHY: Because we care!

Food, solidarity and some surprises are on the menu!
Everyone from Concordia and community members are invited!

Seven campus labour unions are in indefinite negotiations over their Collective Agreements. This situation is unacceptable to the unions as well as to the rest of campus community.

Students unite in solidarity with the unions.

The negotiation situation of labour unions at Concordia was brought to light by an article in the Link:

“Concordia’s unionized workers say they’ve had more than a few rough weeks.

“Whether you’re formally at the table or not, one never stops negotiating around this joint,” said Maria Peluso, president of the Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association.
She was chief negotiator for CUPFA during a record-setting seven-year period of negotiations that finally ended in 2008 after the union began rotating strikes.

“Concordia has a reputation of delaying negotiations, protracting negotiations, seemingly forever. It’s extremely unprofessional,” said Peluso.”

On the occasion of the General strike called by various community and student groups on May 15th, Faculty and students of Concordia have united to underline the solidarity between students, faculty and employees (labour unions).


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