MobSquad Assembly

Tuesday, April 24 at 10 a.m.
CSU Lounge, 7th floor Hall Building

There are still nearly 170,000 students on strike across Quebec, and the movement has expanded into a general struggle for environmental and social justice. The Earth Day rally this afternoon drew around 300,000, and we need to remain active on campus and across the city. Please join us for this important Concordia meeting!

Draft Agenda
1) Facilitator, secretary
2) Go-around: departmental updates
3) Concrete plans
4) Upcoming events
5) Delegating tasks
6) Future of the MobSquad
7) Next meeting

The MobSquad is a space where anyone can come to share ideas and help mobilize on campaigns important to Concordia student rights. We help facilitate the use of various resources to streamline our mobilization efforts. While the Squad is independent of the Concordia Student Union, the union and a number of student groups and individuals are actively involved. Decisions are made through direct democracy. The MobSquad has no public spokesperson and all public communications will refrain from denouncing groups working towards common goals. For more information:


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