Need for FORMAL COMPLAINTS to be filed with the CSU Legal Clinic

Hey everyone,

Before summer plans start kicking in & we start losing strikers to work or travel plans at every corner of the globe, it’s important to remind everyone that those who have witnessed or undergone harassment, intimidation, or assault over the course of the strike not only contact the Legal Information Clinic but also follow through by filling out formal complaints.

Many have made the initial steps of getting info on their rights or legal processes, but I’ve spoken with the folks that work at LIC and they tell me too few students have followed-up this process. They need specifics like dates/times/locations/eye witness names (if possible) etc. to complete official reports if any legal action is to be taken. The admin is talented at delaying or stalling when it comes to legal cases, so strikers need to be as thorough as possible with documenting all these details while they’re still easy enough to recall.

Please share this widely in all your departments:
Students and community members who feel that they have been unfairly or illegally treated by campus security guards and who wish to take action to defend themselves or to file complaints with agencies such as the Quebec Human Rights Commission, should contact the LIC.
For more details, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, & office hours –>>


Anastasia Voutou


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