Media Update 19/04/2012

April 18, 2012. UQO: la professeure Judith Émery-Bruneau expulsée par les policiers (VIDÉO)

April 18, 2012. Quebec student group CLASSE to reconsider stance on denouncing violence,

April 18, 2012. Pickets block entry to McGill University as exam period starts

April 18, 2012. Henry Aubin: Students may have gone too far Yesterday’s vandalism doesn’t help the tuition-hike protesters and strips movement of any moral superiority

April 18, 2012 Line Beauchamp lance un ultimatum aux étudiants La CLASSE refuse l’ultimatum, Le Devoir,

April 18, 2012. Lettres – Injonctions et mouvements sociaux: un dangereux mélange, Le Devoir

April 18, 2012. Cracks start to show in Quebec’s student solidarity, The Globe and Mail


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