Quebec Student Movement Media Coverage

GPE Student and Geograds VP Finance, Annelise Grube-Cavers recently had an piece published on The Portland Occupier. The Portland Occupier is a Media organization in solidarity with Occupy Portland. It was inspired by the Media activities of Occupy Portland’s occupation of public space, and was created to fulfill similar goals in Media space.

Dateline 04/04/2012


April 4, 2012. Students stage sit-in at Concordia University, The Gazette:

April 3, 2012. Scrutinizing security, The Link


April 4, 2012. Hausse des droits de scolarité – Les manifestations étudiantes se poursuivent, Le Devoir

April 4, 2012. Retour en classe : la date butoir approche pour les étudiants grévistes, CBC News, Montreal

April 4, 2012. Demonstration dispersed; cops arrest 50 as student protesters roam downtown Montreal, The Gazette

April 4, 2012. Grim employment prospects for students. Canada’s youth jobless rate a staggering 14.7 per cent – double the national figure, The Gazette

April 4, 2012. La belle vie, La presse

April 4, 2012. Grève étudiante: au-delà des sous, Le Devoir

April 2, 2012. Protests continue in Montreal area, The Gazette

March 28, 2012. City to ask for help to pay for policing of protests, The Gazette

Dateline 03/04/2012


April 3, 2012. Students largely left out of federal budget, The Concordian″>April 3, 2012. Now we’re talking, The Link

April 3, 2012. Student strike stalemate sways public opinion, education minister reaches out to students for the first time, The Concordian

April 3, 2012. No more strike general assemblies planned, The Concordian


April 4, 2012.. Droits de scolarité: la date butoir approche, La Presse:

April 3, 2012. Quebec student granted access to class amid tuition protests, The Gazette:

April 3, 2012. Amid wave of student strikes, Quebec student wins legal bid to reopen class, The Globe and Mail:

April 3, 2012. Le nerf de la guerre : portrait des finances du mouvement étudiant, The Huffington Post:

March 29, 2012. The grande mascarade, The Link:


April 2, 2012. Alberta Liberals would abolish post-secondary tuition fees by 2025, The Gazette:


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