Concordia Profs Respond to Provost’s Policy

Over 100 Concordia faculty members from both the full and part-time unions have responded to the provost’s statement of March 23, 2012. The letter condemns the policy as an unwarranted and disproportional escalation in response to the student striker’s actions of civil disobedience. Further they argue that the new policy violates the spirit of the Code of Conduct, whose primary purpose (Code of Rights and Responsibilities, §V, 26) is to “promote and protect the values of civility, equity, respect, non-discrimination, and an appreciation of diversity as manifested within the University.”

*Note – This letter has been sent to Provost Graham but the organizers invite people who support this statement condemning the policy to endorse it by adding their names via their website. To see the full text of the letter and sign on click here.

Concordia Signatories

Matthew Anderson , Part-time, Arts and Science
Alexander Antonopoulos , Part-time, Arts and Science
Sima Aprahamian, Ph.D. , Full-time, Arts & Science
Kevin Austin , Full-time, Fine Arts
Ingrid Bachmann , Full-time, Fine Arts
Steve Bates , Part-time, Fine Arts
Elsa Beaulieu , Part-time, Arts and Science
Max Bergholz , Full-time, FAS, History
Beverley Best , Full-time, Arts and Science
Pascale Biron , Full-time, Arts & Science
Patrice Blais , Part-time, Political Science
Eleanor bond , Full-time, Fine Arts
Sébastien Caquard , Full-time, Geography, Planning & Environment
Walcir Cardoso , Full-time, Arts & Science
Owen Chapman , Full-time, Arts and Science
Isabelle Charron , Part-time, Geography, Planning, and the Environment
Scott Chlopan, Part-time, Education
Vasek Chvatal , Full-time, ENCS
Tim Clark , Full-time, Fine Arts
Mark Corwin , Full-time, Fine Arts
Chris Crilly , Part-time, Fime Arts
Daniel Dagenais , Full-time, Arts and Science
Mary Ellen Davis , Part-time, Fine Arts, School of Cinema
Valérie de Courville Nicol , Full-time, Arts and Science
Ivana Djordjevic , Full-time, Arts & Science
David Douglas, Ph.D. , Part-time, Fine Arts
Tagny Duff , Full-time, Arts and Science
Sandra Eber , Part-time, Cinema
Mary Esteve , Full-time, FAS English
Evergon , Full-time, Studio Arts
Peter Flemming , Part-time, Fine Arts
Andrew Forster , Full-time, Design and Computation
Ariela Freedman , Full-time, Liberal Arts College
Jim Freeman , Part-time, Geography, Planning and Environment
Pierre Gauthier , Full-time, Geography, Planning & Environment
Sadegh Ghaderpanah , Part-time, Computer Science
Trevor Gould , Full-time, Fine Arts
Erik Goulet , Part-time, Fine Arts – Cinema
Louis Goyette , Part-time, Fine Arts
Peter Grogono , Full-time, ENCS
k.g. Guttman , Full-time, Contemporary Dance
Cynthia, Hammond, Full-time, Fine Arts
Nadia Hardy , Full-time, Arts and Science
Judith Herz , Full-time, Arts and Science
Andrew Ivaska , Full-time, FAS, History
Alice Jarry , Part-time, Fine Arts
Elizabeth Johnston , Part-time, SEL
Clara Khudaverdian , Part-time, Arts and Science
Kristopher Woofter , Part-time, Fine Arts
Marc Lafrance , Full-time, Sociology and Anthropology, FAS
Annie Lalancette , Part-time, Arts and Science
Valerie Lamontagne , Part-time, Fine Arts
pk langshaw , Full-time, fine arts
Johanne Larue , Part-time, Cinema
Pierre-Mathieu Le Bel , Part-time, Arts and sciences
Gordon Leonard , Full-time, Management, SEL & CIISE
Jenny Lin , Part-time, Fine Arts
Edward Little, Full-time, Fine Arts
Alison Loader , Part-time, Fine Arts
Krista Lynes , Full-time, Communication Studies
Jessica MacCormack , Full-time, Studio Arts
Pata Macedo , Part-time, Fine Arts
Maria Mamfredis , Part-time, Religion
Erin Manning , Full-time, Fine Arts
Sheila Mason , Full-time, Arts and Science
Therese Mastroiacovo , Full-time, Fine Arts
Rosanna Maule , Full-time, MHSOC
Ted McCormick , Full-time, FAS, History
Dayna McLeod , Part-time, Communication Studies
Stephen Menzies, Part-time, Fine Arts
Ashley Miller , Part-time, Fine Arts
Laurie Milner , Part-time, Fine Arts
Catherine Moore , Part-time, FAS, Geography, Planning and Environment
David Morris , Full-time, FAS, Philosophy
Norman Nawrocki , Part-time, School of Community and Public Affairs
Greg Nielsen , Full-time, Arts and Science
Dr Sam Noumoff , Full-time, Arts
Lorraine Oades , Part-time, Fine Arts
Luis Ochoa , Full-time, Arts and Science
Luc otter , Full-time, cinema
Maria Peluso , Part-time, Arts and Science
Michael Pinsonneault , Part-time, Fine Arts
Francine Potvin , Part-time, Fine Arts
Mary Anne Poutanen , Part-time, Arts and Science
Jason Prince , Part-time, School of Community and Public Affairs
Geneviève Rail , Full-time, FAS
Norma Rantisi , Full-time, Geography, Planning & Environment
Frances Ravensbergen , Part-time, Arts and Science
Elena Razlogova , Full-time, Arts & Science
Erwin Regler , Part-time, Fine Arts
Charles Reiss , Full-time, FAS
Shelley Z. Reuter , Full-time, Arts and Science
Mike Rollo, Full-time, Communications Studies
Catherine Russell , Full-time, FIne Arts
Ted Rutland , Full-time, Geography, Planning, and Environment
Carlos-Luis Santana , Part-time, Science
Kim Sawchuk , Full-time, Arts and Sciences
Manish Sharma , Full-time, Arts & Science
Frances M Shaver , Full-time, FAS, Sociology & Anthroplogy
Eric Shragge , Full-time, SCPA
Matt Soar , Full-time, Arts and Science
Jennifer Spiegel , Part-time, Theatre
Marc Steinberg , Full-time, Fine Arts
Leila Sujir , Full-time, Studio Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts
Gavin Taylor , Full-time, Arts & Science
Jean Théberge , Part-time, Fine Arts
Francine Tremblay, Part-time, Sociology & Anthropoloty
Amy Twigge-Molecey , Part-time, Geography, Planning and the Environment
Roger Tyrrell , Part-time, Cinema
Theresa Ventura , Full-time, FAS
Marcus von Holtzendorff , Part-time, Fine Arts
Thomas Waugh , Full-time, Fine Arts
James Whitman , Part-time, Fine Arts, Visual Arts
Christine York , Full-time, Études françaises

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