La Grande Mascarade

“Charivari” in the streets of Montreal!

For the working classes, the “charivari” (hullabaloo) was a time when village people costumed and masked themselves for heckling the home of a person in order to criticize its conduct. On March 29th, the student movement will resurrect this practice by invading the heart of Montreal, in order to paralyze the economic elite and oppose tuition fees !

This is a call to all tendencies, all colors, to come together in this great masked ball. Let’s enjoy the festivities of the strike and wear opportunity for our most beautiful masks, our finest and most frivolous costumes!

For the occasion, a festive journey and public is offered. A rainbow of colors will move across the city to spread the joy! The charivari will take four directions: the green line, the blue line, the orange line and the yellow line. Check out the route of these awesome lines here.

The Charivari will be culminating in an extravaganza like no other place than the famous Place des Arts.

Hope to see you there in large numbers!


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