Contracted Security Clashes With Student Reporter

The Link reported on April 1st, 2012 that the agent in question was working for a contractor and was unlicensed at the time of the alleged assault. Click here to see the report from The Link.


2 thoughts on “Contracted Security Clashes With Student Reporter

  1. David says:

    Terrible that the reporter, (or her camera?) was struck by that security guard, however the verbal altercation with the supervisor who was clearly cooperating and providing his name was unnecessary. Should have written his name, verified for spelling and moved on to file a complaint. No need to harp on the showing the license technicality. Seemed like the journalist was trying to escalate the incident. Not all security workers are inherently bad people or against the students. Sometimes both sides can cooperate and show respect for each other, rather than constantly quarrel.

    • Hi David,

      In the past three weeks there have been a number of incidents where security and picketing students have shown up in the same place at the same time. In all but this case the interactions have been very civil and Concordia security is to be commended for their good nature and friendly demeanour in these especially turbulent times. The video should not be construed in a manner painting all of security at Concordia in a bad light. At present it is unclear if the person responsible is actually full-time Concordia security or a temporary worker. I am sure it is the hope of all GPE students and faculty that this is an isolated incident. Please rest assured that geography graduates have been making every effort to keep the lines of communication open between students, security, and faculty. As the situation unfolds we will be issuing updates either here as additional posts or on our home page.

      Geograds Executives
      Tom McGurk
      President 2011-2012

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