GPE Chair’s response to administration’s policy change.

“Dear members of the GPE community, the message from the provost represents a marked departure from his previous stance. As before, he unequivocally reminds us that impeding access to classes, or in any other way disrupting normal classroom activity, is a violation of the code of conduct. But now for the first time he states that this will no longer be tolerated. Those who violate the code will be cited and later required to appear for a hearing, with penalties ranging from reprimand to expulsion.

Starting monday morning, here is the policy, paraphrased from the provost’s memo, for GPE professors as they approach their classrooms.

1. If students are blocking the doorway, ask them to move. If they refuse, call security or ask Marilyn, Annie, Christine, myself, or after I leave, the acting chair (Judith Patterson) to contact security. Then return to the doorway to wait for security to act.
2. Security personnel will then ask the students to move. If they refuse, they will be asked to show their concordia ID cards. (On the back of that card it states that it must be yielded upon request by an authorized representative of Concordia.) If they refuse to show ID, they will be photographed by security, and their photographs later matched with their files. If the students move at any point during this process, then the professor should enter the classroom and begin normal activities.

In short, all violators will be, by one means or another, cited for deliberately breaking the code of conduct.

Note that this protocol also applies to any students who are inside the classroom and preventing instruction, or making a disruption (e.g. excessive noise) outside the classroom that in any way prevents normal classroom activities.

All instructors in GPE are of course expected to follow this directive.

Everyone please remember: the strike and this hard-line tactic are not synonymous. One can support the aims of the striking students without violating the code of rights and responsibilities. Allowing classes to occur need not be viewed as a defeat for the broad aims of this movement.

For those students who have wanted to attend class but have become so discouraged that they no longer bother to show up, I urge you to regard monday as the beginning of a normal week. Please show up.”

Dr. David F. Greene
Professor and Chair
Graduate Program Director for Environmental Assessment
Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8
telephone: 514-848-2424 ext 2054
fax: 514-848-2032
room H-1255-11


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