Concordia Professors Oppose the Privatization of Universities

Update 19/03/2012 – As of noon there are now over 200 Concordia professors on board and McGill professors are starting to sign the statement.

After reviewing the government’s funding plan and GEOGRADS response to it, members of the Concordia faculty have drafted a letter in response to the government. The letter broadens the debate over university funding beyond the issue of tuition hikes.  A major concern of the signatories is the shift in the budget away from public funding in favour of a privately funded model.  They are concerned about the impacts such a shift may have on higher education and research.  Find below the text of the letter or click below if you wish to download a copy.  (english version)  (version française)

Click here to see the the letter and sign a petition in support.

Cliquez ici pour voir la lettre et de soutenir les professeurs

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