Strike Update Correction – Notes on the 12/03/2012 GA & Voting

There is an error in the daily update from the 12th. I apologize for this error as it relates to the GA process and voting.

The email update states:

“Voting will take place via closed ballot. If you are unable to attend the full meeting but still want to vote, you are welcome to come vote between 10:00-11:30 at GSA House. The voting box will be accessible during these times.”

While this option was discussed it was not what was voted on in the meeting. The motion and the vote was as follow:

11.0 Discussion around the ballot box

Motion that we send out an agenda with the time of the vote specified for 10am on Monday March 19th.
Members should try to submit amendments ahead of time if possible.

11 in favour
2 to abstained

The agreement was that debate and amendments would be entertained for one hour after calling the meeting to order, which is scheduled for 9:00 am Monday, March 19th, 2012. After one hour all debate would cease and the question to vote would be called. What this means is that ideally the vote will take place at 10:00 a.m. (+/- 5-10 min).

The nature of the vote ( raise of hands, blind voting, secret ballot, etc) will be decided upon when the vote is called. In other words the chair will guide the process and the voting method used will be by the consent of the in attendance of the general assembly.

This is the method that was voted on at the last general assembly and it will be used at the March 19th, 2012 meeting.


This forces the membership to focus on the topic at hand at the strike GA – The Mandate

By being this explicit about the process and the voting time the hope is more people will choose to attend the GA

I strongly urge you to visit the following pages and read over two proposed documents that might be added to our mandate this week. Additionally I would urge you to mail any suggestions you would like to see discussed or added to the mandate to with the subject link MANDATE SUGGESTIONS (in all caps) as the subject line.

Click here to view documents under consideration at the next GA

If you are concerned about the course of the strike and the actions being taken by GEOGRADS on behalf of the membership you should attend all general assemblies if possible. This is your chance to have your voice added to the chorus or to sing your own song and find out who else might join in with you.

Respectfully and will full apologies,
Tom McGurk
President GEOGRADS


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