Graduate Student Mandate Upheld 12/03/12

At the GA this morning the strike mandate ( see full text below) was
passed unanimously in a paper ballot vote.  There were 14 graduate
students in attendance at the meeting.  Minutes of the meeting will
circulate later today and include the full details and discussion on
how strike mandates (e.g. voting time, type of ballot, amendments)
will be conducted at the next GA on 19/03/2012.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT graduate students in the GPE department of
Concordia University (GEOGRADS) hereby continue an open-ended strike,
meaning the collective cessation of class attendance, which began on
March 5th, 2012, until such time as the government of Quebec rescinds
its proposed increases to the Quebec tuition rate and freezes
out-of-province and international forfaitaires;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT  GEOGRADS calls upon the government of
Quebec to review its funding policies for university education, which
include, but are not limited to, increasing reliance on private

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT General Assemblies shall be convened every
Monday following the strike to confirm the will of the members to
remain on strike;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT that GEOGRADS  actively engage in blocking
classes in a non-confrontational manner and commit to engaging in
dialogue with their fellow students and GPE faculty members.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT That we encourage students to continue
participating in student led tutorials, labs, studios, office
activities and other alternative learning environments and do not
actively support blocking these activities.

Respectfully submitted,

GEOGRADS Executives


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