Media Coverage of Concordia Strike

March 9, 2012. “Editorial: Protesting students could use a lesson in
democracy,” The Gazette:…

March 5, 2012. “Concordia students join tuition strike,” CBC News,

March 9,2012. “Concordia University fined $2 milllion for excessive
servence packages,” CBC News, Montreal:…

March 9, 2012. “Opinion: Democracy is missing from from student
process,” The Gazette:…

March 9, 2012. “Counterpoint: Tuition hikes are a bad idea, and the
arguments for them wrong-headed,” The Gazette:…

March 11, 2012. “Women’s studies and geography society lead Concordia strike action”  McGill Daily.                                                         



March 2, 2012. “Across Canada, cash-strapped goverments target
education,” The Globe and Mail:

March 8, 2012. “Droits de scolarite: Quebec ne dois pas flechir, selon
Legault,” La Presse:

March 7, 2012. “Riot Police use tear gas to control student protest,”
CBC News, Montreal:…

March 11, 2012. “Greve etudiante: de la musique pour rallier la
population,” La Presse:…

March 11, 2012. “Grève étudiante: des profs veulent sauter dans
l’arène,” La Presse:…


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