General Assembly Agenda 12/03/12

Note, the general assembly is mandated on weekly
basis while the association is on strike. The main business of the
assembly is to evaluate the activities of the prior week, respond to
any proposals put forward by the government, and ultimately decide if
the strike will continue in its current form.
As our cohort voted in support of the strike mandate students
should not be attending classes and a healthy turn out is expected.
The executives understand that the general assembly process can seem
long and cumbersome for some students. Especially those who are
new to the assembly process and direct democracy. Therefore, we will
ask the meeting chair to keep the pace of the meeting as brisk as possible
while still allowing ample time for questions and debate prior to the
Please remember that all GPE graduates are invited to these meetings.
This is a democratic and open space for you all to have your voices heard
And help decide on strike actions or inactions.
Meeting Details
Monday, March 12, 2012, 9am – GSA House (2030 Mackay)
1.0- Nomination of Chair (Rebecca)  ~ 9:00 a.m.
2.0- Approval of Agenda
3.0- Approval of Meeting Minutes from last Tuesday’s GA
4.0- Presentation on what happened last week-from strike information committee (5 min + 5 min questions) ~  9:10
5.0- Presentation of the GSA strike mandate ~ 9:30
5.1- Discussion of strike mandates (our own vs the GSA’s?)
5.1.1 Strike strategies
5.1.2 Vote on mandate (closed ballot option will be considered)
6.0- Presentation on province-wide actions/update from CLASSE (10 min + 5 min questions)
6.1- Member-contribution to CLASSE
6.2 March 13th provincial demonstration
7.0- Discussion of a mandate regarding willingness to support other students’ picket lines and in what capacity
8.0- Discussion of GeoGrads ability to defend students’ rights/other resources on campus (advocacy centre, legal information clinic etc.)
Note: There was also a GPE department meeting on Friday 09/03/2012 .  A report on that meeting and the departments response will possibly be added to the meeting agenda.

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