Grad Strike Update – 08/03/2012

My apologies for not having this information out sooner but yesterday was a rather hectic day.  As many of you may already be aware Dr. Greene decided to take a hard stance against students who are  actively blocking classes as of Wednesday morning.  Consequently, much of the day was spent arranging meetings between the student organizations and Dr. Greene in efforts to resolve the situation.  Presently the best source of information about the strike for the time being is the GUSS website related to strike activity.
GUSS is very well organized and we have been working together so any information posted there will likely apply to grads.  Today, Thursday will be a day to play catch up and it is my hope that communications and coordination of activities will come into better focus as events progress.  Additionally, we will be working with GUSS and UPA from the 7th floor command post  so just look for the big  “?”  sign to find students from GPE.
Tom McGurk
GEOGRADS 2011/2012

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