University Responds To Protests

The university has issued a statement in response to student strike actions.  In summary, the document states the university respects students’ rights to protest and it respects the rights of faculty to react and teach to the situation with a great degree of flexibility.   See excerpts below as well as the full details via the links listed at the bottom of this post.


re: Students Rights to Protest

“…. the university fully respects the freedom of students to express their views on important issues, and has worked with student leaders to ensure this freedom is respected. ”


re: With respect to questions regarding academic amnesty.

“Regardless of whether any encouragement is issued, faculty members are expected to exercise discretion in making judgements about academic leniency and flexibility. In practice, this means that all academic requirements for courses and programs, communicated at the beginning of term, remain in effect unless specifically modifiedby individual faculty members, and students are expected to fulfill them. While faculty members may elect to exercise flexibility (for example, through modification of deadlines or course requirements), they are also at liberty not to do so…..”

Please check out the links below for full details.   However it fundamentally  says professors have the right to make decisions about their own classes and course work requirements.

University Statement

Faculty FAQs on Student Protests

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