Picket Lines & Voting

As most of you are already aware GUSS has voted to strike and will likely be blocking classrooms as of Monday the 5th of March. Coincidentally the 5th is also the day of our strike vote referendum.

Therefore, I am formally requesting that grad students who are registered in cross listed classes or any class that might be subject to blocking on the 5th respect the undergraduate blocking while our voting is in progress. I ask this in a spirit of solidarity between the graduate and undergraduate populations. I also ask for the sake of safety and security as the graduate community should not provoke incidents or actively seek to threaten, intimidate, or harm anyone no matter their stance on the issues. I also ask for grads who wish to take a more active role in student action while our vote is pending to do so in a respectful manner and in a spirit of educating others about your beliefs and positions on the issues.

In short, I am asking that whatever actions you choose to take as an individual remain civil and respectful and in keeping with the spirit of higher education and an enlightened democratic society.

For those grad students who are teaching assistants I would ask that you follow the directives of TRAC and act in accordance with their recommendations related to your contractual rights and obligations.

Respectfully Requested,
Thomas McGurk
President GEOGRADS


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