GEOGRADS STRIKE VOTE: The 1,2,3s of Student Action

Hello Fellow Grads,

As many of you are aware, there is a pending strike vote.  What does all this mean?

It means…..

1. At the general assembly on February 16th 2012 a strike mandate with a floor and conditions to trigger a strike vote was passed. The mandate calls  for a paper ballot vote to be held.  Additionally it states that students must be able to vote on a specific day within an eight-hour window.

2. The mandate stipulates that the paper ballot vote must take place within three business days (72 hrs) of meeting the floor and conditions.It also states that within 24 hours of the paper ballot vote a general assembly must be held.

3. This general assembly is for the purposes of planning strike actions in the event the motion to strike carries.  If the motion fails, it is to seek input from membership on how they wish to proceed on the question of student action related to accessible education and tuition hikes.

Where we are now….

1. Parts of the conditions of the mandate have already been met (i.e. 50,000 students on strike province wide).  The other conditions, that GUSS (the undergraduate student association for GPE) and two other Concrdia student associations must have voted to strike will most likely be met by Wednesday the 29th of February.

2. This will trigger our mandate and means our vote will be on Monday the 5th of March 2012 between the hours of 10:00-18:00 in H1236 (Grad Lounge).

3. If the motion passes, we are immediately on strike.  A notification email confirming the results and the location of the mandated general assembly will be sent out via the MENV and MSc mailing list, the GPE listserve, and posted on the GEOGRADS website by 19:00 on March the 5th.

What should you do….

1. Get educated!  Visit the geograds website as well as the following websites for information about the issues.



2.Vote!  It is simple and relatively painless.  This should take only a few moments of your day.  We are just under 100 students strong and over an 8 hour voting window everyone should be able to find the time.  When you vote you will need to show your ID to confirm your enrollment, mark your ballot, deposit it in the box, and go on your way.

3. Attend the general assembly!  If the vote is in favor of the strike this is your opportunity to participate and be part of the movement to keep education accessible.  If the vote is against the strike this is your opportunity to make your voice heard on how we should proceed. The location of the GA is still being ironed out but it will either be at the GSA house or in the atrium of the library building.  The strike notification email will have details on the exact location and time.

The Important stuff:

Strike vote: Monday March 5th

Time:  10:00-18:00

Place: H1236 – Grad Lounge

The Mandate:

“Motion: undertake an open-ended strike with weekly GAs when the province wide
floor of university students with a strike mandate reaches 50 000 which includes
3 Concordia associations one of which must be GUSS the geography undergraduate
student society, and voting will take place within 72 hours (3 business days) after the
above conditions are met by paper ballot with an 8 hour window for voting at the
Grad Lounge (H-1236); and within 24 hours of the paper ballot vote results the
GeoGrads call a GA to discuss logistics of the strike, notwithstanding previous
notice regulations.”

As always if you have any questions or comments please let us know.

GEOGRADS Executives 2012

Tom McGurk – President
Annelise Grube-Cavers – Finance
Ye Li – Secretary
Ethan Link MSc & Jenn Garard MENV – Socials
Erika Sulik MENV & Christopher Reid MSc


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