The February 16th General Assembly

If you attended the GA on Feb. 16th, 2012 we would like your feedback on the process.  You can respond to this post with your comments or you can send us an email at



3 thoughts on “The February 16th General Assembly

  1. Guénolé Choné says:

    – Concerning the adoption of more formal procedure for conducting GA:
    The GA of the 16th February was my first Geograds GA, so I don’t really know how GAs were previously conducted. However, I feel necessary that for important decision like strike mandate it’s good to have a formal way of taking decision, and I agree that democracy can be improve by such rules… at the conditions that the rules are known by everybody, otherwise it only profits to the ones who know how it works. That’s where I’m a bit frustrated: I personally don’t know the formal procedure that was used. I feel that for putting in place formal procedure, the procedure should have been more deeply explicated. It appeared to me, for what I understood of the situation, that Tom wasn’t aware of the willing of some members to add such procedures. If people want such procedures, why not having communicate with the association before the meeting? Why this point did not appear in the emails I received about the GA?

    – Concerning the affiliation to the CLASSE:
    As for the adoption of procedures, I don’t understand why this point was not added in the agenda before. I have the feeling that I did not had enough time to really understand what the CLASSE is and what it implied to be a member. I even start to think that I was misinformed during the GA about the CLASSE and that this point was too important to be treated so quickly without having been given information before.

    To conclude, I think that things could have been better organized. We are a little association and I believe that communication between the head of the association and members is not only possible, but necessary. Knowing what points will be discussed during a GA is essential because it’s why people decide to come or not, and it allows to look for information before the GA. This is an important point for democratic GA, maybe even more important that having very formal procedures.


  2. Tom McGurk says:

    Thanks for the response. We have also received emails and your opinions on the process are shared by others. We are working to improve communications and to make the meeting process better.
    Tom McGurk

  3. Hi !
    If information was insufficient about CLASSE, and since I was responsible for the explanations during the GA, I feel like I owe you some answers ! 🙂

    Feel free to ask me through mail at :
    Or cell phone : 438-878-7136

    -Frank Lévesque-Nicol
    Social struggles committee of CLASSE

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