Grad Association GA & Strike Vote: What you need to know!

Hello Fellow Grads,

Just a note to help clarify what the issues and voting possibilities are related to the issue of a student action or strike.  This is general meeting and as such is bound by the same procedural rules as any other meeting.

So here is the skinny…

  • A quorum (minimum number needed to be considered a valid meeting) of 1% of membership or 10 association members whichever is greater must be in attendance
  •  Since it is an open meeting anybody in attendance who is a grad can make, second, and vote on motions.

As it stands, if we understand the reading of what was passed at the last general assembly the following motions would have to be made in order to move directly to the question of student action:

  • 1st, 2nd and a vote (this would be a voice or raised hand vote) to defer all other business and move directly to the question of a strike.
  • 1st, 2nd, and a vote (this would be a voice or raised hand vote) on a motion allowing us to take a vote before any floors, that is conditions to trigger a strike vote (e.g. 50,000 students on strike and 3 or more Concordia associations on strike) have been established.
  • 1st, 2nd and vote (THIS WILL BE A SECRET PAPER BALLOT) on the specific question of a strike such as but are not limited to:

e.g. RESOLVE THAT GEOGRADS calls for….

–  Immediate and unlimited strike starting immediately or a date to be determined

–   An unlimited strike that starts when a floor is reached(this could be the floor we already have in place or a new one depending on the motion)

–   A limited strike starting on a specific date or when a specific floor is met with conditions describing the limits of the strike (e.g. no research, no grading and teaching assistance outside  of the classroom, etc…)

               *Note conditions related to TAs are tricky. TAs are bound by TRAC contacts we cannot vote on taking an action that violates TA contracts and expect it to be respected.

–          A call to hold a strike vote (with or without conditions) with specific instructions on how and where the vote shall take place (e.g. Voting on the question of a strike will be done by paper ballot, voting will take place between the hours of 8:00-17:00 in the graduate lounge on the following date(s) xx/xx/2010, only students enrolled in GPE will be allowed to vote and a voting officer will be confirming identity and enrollment.)

–   No vote on a strike until a floor is met

–   No student action at this time deferring the vote for the moment.

It is really up to the people in attendance the motions they make and how they vote. General Assemblies are about direct democracy so participation is required.

For information about what other student associations at Concordia and across the province have called and voted on please see the link below.

Please speak to your friends and colleagues about these issues and try to make the meeting if at all possible.

GEOGRAD Executive Officers



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