Lost Neighbourhoods Exhibit – Guided Tour

Lost Neighbourhoods Exhibit – Guided Tour
Friday September 23rd, 2011 3pm – 5pm
(limited space – 20 max)

Centre d’Histoire de Montreal
335 Place D’Youville, Old Montreal, H2Y 3T1
Métro Square-Victoria
(limited space – 20 max)

To reserve email: gpe_grads @ googlegroups.com subject line: Reserve Lost Neighbourhoods

The exhibit looks back at Montreal between 1950 and 1975 and explores how the city dealt with “urban renewal” in that time frame (see blurb below from exhibition website below). Students in urban studies, planning, and impact assessment are encouraged to attend.

Exhibition Blurb:

“A city is not a fixed object. It is a body in perpetual movement and perpetual change. This unassailable logic applied in the disappearance of entire neighbourhoods in Montreal between 1950 and 1975, a period of urban modernization in much of the world. The official reasons for demolition were the unhealthy conditions prevailing in the existing dwellings and the needs created by major projects such as the 1967 World’s Fair and the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. Montreal was at a turning point in its history!”

After the tour an informal cash bar “Happy Hour” will be held at a local pub
to be determined in the Old Port

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